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I will check out this crop and resize feature component; thanks.

Thanks for your reply.
What I meant to say is that even manually resizing the images, does not solve it. The images are still shown in different dimensions.

even resizing the images does not solve it. The images are still shown in different dimensions.
What else can I check?

Solved the issue. I had the page published in the menu but unpublished in SP Page Builder ;-).

Step by step I work on my website trying to understand it all.
Perhaps a simple question but when do you use the Helix menu en when do you use the SP page builder menu?

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Thats it thanks ;-).

Thank you for the reply but I have no idea what this is ;-). Assume it is html code or similar but I have no knowlegde of html coding.

In previous versions of Joomla I could simply make a new article using the standard editor but in this version of Joomla I do not see any editor. Is the editor hidden or what am I doing wrong?


Hello Brian,
Thanks for the reply. I did find the video and followed the installation process. My domain name came with a new basic Joomla configuration.
I deleted these existing joomla files on my server and copied the entire unzipped Joomla Quickstart package to my server.

The next step is the actual configuration where I have to fill in details about the database and user and passwords and I just was not sure if I typed in the correct names and passwords etc.
I ended up with a non working website with some plain text only so deleted it all and have to start from scratch.
All tips are welcome 😉