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I have installed the the quickstart version of the factory template and just changed a few basic things here and there because I am not an experienced Joomla user.
I want to fill a page with a list of products and wonder how I can import simple tables from Excel in this page.
Have tried it with simple copy and paste making a new article but that did not work. The table turns into plain text. I am afraid to ruin a page so any tip is more than welcome.

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Thank you for the reply but I have no idea what this is ;-). Assume it is html code or similar but I have no knowlegde of html coding.

In previous versions of Joomla I could simply make a new article using the standard editor but in this version of Joomla I do not see any editor. Is the editor hidden or what am I doing wrong?


Hi Jrvd,
Just go to Joomla Configuration page -> Default Editor -> select Editor – TinyMCE

Thats it thanks ;-).

Step by step I work on my website trying to understand it all.
Perhaps a simple question but when do you use the Helix menu en when do you use the SP page builder menu?

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