35 Joomla Templates migrated to Helix Ultimate Framework

This week, we would like to announce our new upgrade batch with 43 Joomla templates including new features and improvements. The updates also include upgrade for new Helix Ultimate version 1.1.2.

List Joomla templates ported to Helix Ultimate framework(updated 25 April 2021):


  • ^ Ported from Helix 3 (version 2.5.8) to Helix Ultimate Framework 1.1.2
  • ^ 18 Header Layouts for Every Purpose
  • ^ Acy Mailing 7 support
  • + New K2 layout design (Uikit template).
  • + New style for Hikashop updated.
  • + J2store extended style update for Agency.

Helix 3 Migration

If you are using old template version that's based on Helix 3 framework, you can grab the latest version via customer area and reinstall it.

Important: Check our tutorial for Upgrade Helix 3 based themes to Helix Ultimate

One more, this week, we released 25 more Joomla templates with new features and bug fixes, please find the update details below:


  • ^ Latest Joomla 3.9.25
  • ^ SP Page Builder 3.7.9 with performance improved
  • ^ All Components updated
  • ^ Uikit library updated
  • ^ Moved header Off-canvas to Header Group. Show/hide header Off-canvas options based on your header layout type.
  • ^ Moved Search and Social Icons group to Header Group
  • ^ Blog: Moved Title/Meta/Content/Button group to Layout Group
  • + New Transparent Header Layout type
  • + New Parallax effect for Boxed image background type
  • + New Stacked Center C layout type
  • + Blog: New Content Length option for blog settings.
  • + Blog: New option to Center the title, meta text and button
  • + Show/hide toolbar transparent option based on your BODY layout type
  • + Add Flip mode options for header off canvas layout types
  • ^ Improved modules spacing for modal Off-canvas mode.
  • + Add Primary menu style option for header navbar (pro)
  • # Fix Blog Masonry and Parallax on scroll.
  • # Fix Center vertically mobile canvas not working
  • # Fix featured blog meta makeup
  • # Fix boxed layout background color not being applied
  • # Fix system message alert close button not working.
  • # Header layouts: Fix Off-canvas Top B/ Modal Top B navbar module positions rendering
  • ...and much more
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