WarpTheme's plans for Joomla 4 update.

Our Roadmap to Upgrade Our Templates and Extensions.

Extra Add-ons

Our extra add-ons plugin is compatible with Joomla 4. Furthermore, we have a great news to share with customer that using SP Page Builder Pro.

This month, we will release an additional version of Extra add-ons that fully support LIVE EDITING mode for SP Page Builder Pro (like the core add-ons did). We have been hard at work for months to make this happen, and yes, It's free for Extra add-ons pro subscribers.

We will provide a blog post for this update later.

WarpTheme Joomla Templates

This week, we will release the new major update for our Helix Ultimate based templates that compatible with Joomla 4, please check our J4 upgrade table below for more detail.

For Warp 7 and Helix 3 based templates: These templates will be updated to Helix Ultimate 2 and Joomla 4 compatible at the end of this year (12/2021).

Quickstart packages (demo packages)

Most Joomla demo packages make additional use of third-party extensions, one of them are not compatible with Joomla 4 at the moment like VirtueMart and K2.

So the Quickstart (demo package) included Virtuemart, Unite Slider or K2 component will be on Joomla 3.10.x at the moment. If you didn't plan to use VM or K2, just uninstall the extension and update your site to Joomla 4.

Quick start packages included Virtuemart, Unite Slider or K2 will be marked with an icon as described in Joomla 4 upgrade status table below.

More details

Removed Extension

Furthermore, we will also be removing the Component Anywhere extension that included in the Quick start packages when updating to Joomla 4. Component anywhere extension is used before for rendering the Joomla contact form inside the page builder pages.

This extension no longer support for Joomla 4 according the author response. See why.

Joomla 4 upgrade status (weekly updates)

List Joomla Templates updated

Joomla 3.10 support Lifecycle

Users can expect continued support for these templates throughout the life of Joomla 3.10, which is expected to be 2 years from the time it becomes available.

Where to Get Help

If you have any problems at all with Joomla Templates from WarpTheme, please feel free to let us know by submitting a question on the Ticket Support system.

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