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That’s great news 🙂
I just hope that the compatibility remains guaranteed, when replacing the Warp7 > Helix framework.
I’m counting on you guys.

Many thanks!


1. Is it possible to update it to v3?
2. Fixed! Thanks for that 🙂


Brian, thanks!

One final question:
Is it possible to click on MENU 1(upper Fixed Action menu) and trigger and open the Dropdown menu of MENU 2.
Take a look at my screen.

Thank you.


Yes, but i have a line break.
Look here:

I would like to have the complete text on one (little wider) line.


Hey Brian,

great! Missed the “first child” item. Many thanks for that 🙂

Another question!
Is it possible to add text (instead of using the icon-class) in a whole line (maybe with a custom width) in the dropdown structure?

Currently it looks a bit fragmented

Thank you very much!


I’ve started again from scratch with the quickstart package.
This time I will work with copies 😉