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Some years ago we start using the WT Minima template. Now when Jomla want all to step up to PHP 7.0 it looks like this does not wok with this tamplate. Is it so? any hints what to do?

What’s the problem ? Are you using Minimal latest version ?? Demo server running php 7.2.10 without problem.

Hello Brian. First thx for supporting me and thx do do it so rapidly.

I have a notice by Joomla recommending me to upgrade from PHP 5.x to 7.x. So I tried to do this in the webhotel I use (not from you). I changed from PHP 5.6 to 7. Then after updating the site with this setting it does not run anymore, it gives displays “error 0 – The parameter ”platforminfo.class” must be defined”. By this I thought perhaps the template “minimal” that I use is might be the issue. My version is wt_minima_poro v1.0.0 and the Wrap Framwork version is 7.3.14.
Does this answer your question?

Hi Andre,
You can confirm the issue that related to the Minima or not by switching to default Joomla template. Is it work ?
NOTE: Are you using RokSprocket component ? If so, please download the newest package here and reinstall it. Old Roksprocket version not working with php 7.
Download module and component here https://rockettheme.com/joomla/extensions/roksprocket

Im not that skilled so sorry for asking. Is it only to switch between templates w/o damaging when turning back ?! Sure I can try but just want to make sure upfront.

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