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I download WT pack with extra_sppagebuilder.zip. Today installed on my test site (WampServer) SP Page Builder Lite 3 on http://www.joomshaper.com, but not work.
I read the instructions here, I copied folders, dosent work. 🙁

Example: Control Panel / SP PageBuilder / Add New Page = HTTP ERROR 500

Thank before

Hi Adam,
Is it work without extra add-ons before ? Is it possible to put your site live so I can take a look the structure ?


Currently wampserver… next time! 😉

Ok, Thank you

Was there a resolution to this posted? I’m having a similar issue and outside of one email, support was nonexistent. When I uploaded the folders via ftp, Joomla never found them. I ended up installing the lite version from joomlashaper.

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You should check your email INBOX, I replied via email few days ago but here the result

“When I uploaded the folders via ftp, Joomla never found them.
Did you INSTALL SP Pagebuilder before ?? Just install it and implement our extra add-ons for the Tixo template, by default, Tixo is built with QUIX PAGEBUILDER, not SP Pagebuilder and you need to implement it if you want to use sp page builder instead Quix.

No, I didn’t install SP pagebuilder before. Again, I attempted to install it via the Joomla installer, but that didn’t work. I ended up installing the free version from joomlashaper, but can’t edit articles.

Hi William,
You need to install SP Page Builder Free/Pro version first
Grab it here https://www.joomshaper.com/downloads/extension/sp-page-builder-free (it requires free account to download, latest version is 3.6.0) or you can download directly here https://www.dropbox.com/s/2slzy40rhpc4kg7/com_sppagebuilder_lite_v3.6.0.zip?dl=0

Next, implement our Extra add-ons 1.1.2 version following this doc http://demo.warptheme.com/joomla/pagebuilder/index.php/documentation#implement

After that, you can see all add-ons via SP Page Builder -> Add addons

In the next update, Tixo, Antique, Factory will ported to Helix ultimate instead Helix 3 and using SP Page Builder 3 instead Quix page builder.

If you still face any problem, please submit a private ticket here https://warptheme.com/member-area/ticket-system/

NOTE: You should fix the issue with full mailbox to receive our email support

Thank you

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