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Possible 2 OnePage site, one website?

First OnePage: Home | Menu 1 | Menu 2 | Menu 3 | Menu 4 | Menu 5
Second OnePage: Home | Menu 6 | Menu 7 | Menu 6 | Menu 9 | Menu 10
The Home menu item is fixed.

Example: Menu 1 is a J article and one more read button, but the full article is the next page on Menu 6 in accordion …

Thanks before ..

Hi Adam,
Do you mean showing different menu for different pages ?
You can create two main menus then assign 01 menu for Home page only then another for whole pages.

About Home menu item, you can use menu alias for the “Home” second menu that refer to Home menu item of menu 1

You can see one page menu assigned for home page only here http://demo.warptheme.com/joomla/wt_antique/
and multiple menu assigned for whole page here http://demo.warptheme.com/joomla/wt_antique/index.php/home

😛 thx!

You’re welcome

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