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I’m trying to change the background color of a module positioned in “top-b” position, from the template WT Enterprise.

In order to do that, I’m changing the background color of the blocks in “Layouts > Block Appearance” inside “Templates: Edit Styles”.

If the color is changed that way, it doesn’t do anything in the website.

I’ve tried modifying the attribute directly through Google Chrome’s “Developer Tools”, and if I change the value “uk-block uk-block-cyan tm-block-gutter” to
“uk-block uk-block-muted tm-block-gutter”, it does affect to the website.

I’m not sure if the method I’m following is the proper one to modify this parameter, or maybe there is other place where I should have been looking, but I haven’t been able to find it.

I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,


I have also tried to modify the CSS, changing the “background” attribute in the class “uk-block-cyan” to a different color. It doesn’t work either; when I reload the page it doesn’t affect, and after clicking on “Compile LESS”, the value I erased to put my new colour changes to the Cyan colour again.

Again, if I use Chrome’s Developer Tools, and I change the HEX value in there, the colour changes instantly.

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Hi Miguel,
Did you select the correct layout before changing the block appearance for Top-B position ? (example front-end layout for home page only and default for whole pages)


OK, that was it! I wasn’t selecting the correct layout before changing the appearance!

Thanks for the help!

You’re welcome

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