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Hello again

I am looking for the corresponding file to translate the “read more” which is located in “From The Latest News & Events Blog” On the homepage.

I found to translate everything I want except this link.

Could you point me?

Thank you in advance.

You can use Joomla language override feature with language constant READ_MORE

Like this

If I could note the speed of response and the quality of service, I would do it with pleasure.

Thank you again for this information.

Hi Julien,

You can send a testimonial to us via email if you want :), we will add it to testimonial section.

Have a nice day

I just sent you an email for the testimonial. 😉
I have another question of translation.
I have been looking for 20 minutes in all cases without success.
Even the explanation video does not work.
I would like to translate the fields of “contact ”

“I just sent you an email for the testimonial.”
Thank you 😉

You can use language override to translate by following the language constant below

QX_CF_YOUR_MESSAGE_HINT="Write your message"

Very thanks :p
Have a good day for your team

You’re welcome

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