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I have a video on my home page that I wish to run at full screen on all browsers except mobile phones. Tablets are good – but not phones. It takes too long to load and by the time the video loads, the second slide drops. Which is another thing, but I can ask about that later.

Is there an easy way to add custom code that will load content *other* than the slider if the user’s screen is below a common cell screen size?

I know that you can exclude the slider completely – but then all the content shifts up – nothing takes the place of the slider. I’d like to have something in place for cell users, just not the slider. Does that make sense?

You know those times when you’ve been searching so hard for an answer to a question and then you decide to just ask in a forum.

And then like five minutes later, the answer hits you in the face and you feel like a complete moron?

Yeah – this is one of those times.

I found it. Quix lets you choose different content for each “size” of screen.

Sorry to take up space in your forum…

Glad your problem is solved.

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