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Hi, is it possible to enlarge the social icons?
I tried to add the following code:
.top-bar .social ul li a {font-size: 20px;}
but it had no effect.
What should I do?
Thank you.

I tried your css code and its working.
Please add css code to custom.css file located at joomla-root/templates/wt_factory_pro/css/custom.css

Hi, this is the content of my custom.css file:

/* Copyright (C) WarpTheme, GNU/GPL */

/* ========================================================================
   Use this file to add custom CSS easily
 ========================================================================== */
.offcanvas-menu {
    overflow: auto !important;
.top-bar .social ul li a {font-size: 27px;}

but the result does not change

Its strange, if I add the css code above to our demo , its working.
For this case, please change the code to
#sp-top-bar li a {font-size: 27px;}
I tested the code with your live test site and its working.

Hi, so it works great.
Thank you so much for your wonderful job.

You’re welcome.

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