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i bought “Business template” and when i want to restore on my website server, there is an issue with restoration the database

Access denied for user ‘dbo750979359’@’%’ to database ‘ db750979359’ SQL=CREATE DATABASE db750979359 CHARACTER SET utf8

i try to do the same thing with ‘ocean template” with the same Sql database and it works, no alert for acces denied

so, what can i do for the restoration of the “business template” ? if there something that i missed ?


Hi Thierry,
Do you mean restoring the database via phpmyadmin or using quickstart installation process ?

HI Brian

with quickstart installation process, when you need to specify your “connection information” of your database (akkeba v6.1.1) second page


hi brian

already done the 31th id 2555


I replied your ticket.
Thank you

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