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When using the Quickstart I get this error displayed when I access the Quix software:

Quix filemanager requires special permission!

Quix filemanager having issue on your server settings. Please allow direct permission to this folder: media/quix/filemanager. You can follow this link for more details Fix filemanager 403 access denied!

Now I have worked with Brian on a previous template and try and get rid of the displayed message but alas we cannot. I have made the changes as suggested by the link and everything seems to work in Quix just the error is displayed. Anyone have any idea on how to get rid of it.

I have posted the same question in the Quix Facebook group and hopefully either way I can get it solved.


Hi Garth,
Did you get the response from Quix facebook group?

If possible, please update your ticket ID and provide the hosting account info, I will check the files/folder permission and issue with “warning” message.
Thank you

Hi Brian,

I have received a response on the Facebook group and they are going through the permissions with me having me reset them with Filezilla, but nothing seems to be making a difference. Still working with them at the moment and when I finish I will update the forum.

I see your question and their response. How about the warning issue?
Thank you

I have done everything people have suggested but alas the error is still displayed.

Please update your current site then provide the administrator account via ticket system, I will help you uninstall and reinstall Quix to see if it works for this case.

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