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I have a website ( based on Joomla/WT_Amara that is running on php 7.3.

To test it with php 7.4 I installed a backup on my localhost Xampp server. On the front page I get the error message:

Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type int in C:\xampp\htdocs\deijsmannetjes\templates\wt_amara_pro\warp\src\Warp\Config\Repository.php on line 243

Is this problem due to php 7.4? Or is something else wrong?

Kind regards,


Hi Hubert,
Yes, its an issue with Warp7 framework and php 7.4, please give a try with php 7.3.
Thank you

If you still want to use php 7.4, you can hide the warning message via Joomla configuration -> Error reporting -> None

this is the solution, hiding messeges? really?

At least you can hide the message, Microsoft with Windows they simply tell you to ignore the message, yet it keeps filling your log.

And by the way he gave you two (2) options, use PHP 7.3 or hide the message. Obviously the template is not yet compatible with the later version of PHP, “This is the way”.

Hi there,
“this is the solution, hiding messeges? really?”
This is “just” a notice, so nothing to worry about. For Joomla 4 support, we are working to port all warp 7 framework based themes to Helix Ultimate 2. We are waiting for the Joomla 4 RC to do the final test and release the new theme update.
Thank you

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