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Had o reload my site can’t seem to recall how/where to change the background color for the main body of the page.


Hi Scott,

Do you mean changing the background color (white) for blog/article layout ?
Thank you

yes change background color on home page and all blogs/articles from white to a dif color.

Thanks Scott

Hi Scott,

With the pages created with Quix page builder, if you wish to change the background for any sections, please check this tutorial

To change the background for blog/articles, just open custom.css file then add

.com-content #sp-main-body {
    background: #f5f6f7;

then change the color background to suite your needs.

Note: Custom.css file located at joomla/templates/template_name/css/custom.css

thank you for the assist not really having much luck with this at the moment. It would be nice to have a template option to change theme colors.

This feature will be added in the next update.
Thank you

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