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Hi Brian,

the hikashop-support-team asked me to forward my request to you:

The top headline of left menu “Warenkorb” is not at the same position, then the other headlines above (Kategorien, Kategorien nach Herstellern and TOP-Produkte). Where can I chjange the settings of headline Warenkorb. And how can I change the size of cart-icon? How can I choose a new icon, like at hikashop-demo-webshop?

Hikashop-Shopmenu left.JPG

Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Gerold

Could you please share the site address ??
“How can I choose a new icon, like at hikashop-demo-webshop?”
Hikashop demo using different joomla template, not RUBY. There’s no way to get the SAME icon like that. They are custom icons.

ok, it was just a question. No problem, then I leave it like it is.

Kind regards, Gerold

Hi there,
You can use custom css code like so

.custom-class h3.sp-module-title {
    padding: 0 0 25px 25px;

to fix the issue with module title.
Thank you

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