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Hi, Brian,

were can I enable the product-pictures at hikashop category-overview frontend? If I choose :
“kaffee” then the items are shown “without” pictures at “left” position.

At hikademo-shop one can see the pictures too and the items are shown at the same place, not in “left” position.
if you click at “computer” and choose “periperhals” then you can see this choice:

I have checked already the backend setting, but I don`t find options to change.

If my customer click at “kaffee” then he should see the item with picture at at same position, not in “left” position.
Please let me know were to do this changes.

Thank you for your help. Kind regards from Austria, Gerold

Check the Menus -> Hikashop Hidden Menu -> Menu item for category listing module 211
Choosing the DIV layout instead the LIST layout, you should correct the layout settings FIRST. LIST layout itself does not support IMAGE field. You need to use DIV layout for hikashop.
Read documentation here https://www.hikashop.com/support/documentation/54-hikashop-config.html#display_categories
Next time, please ask the Hikashop configuration via Hikashop community.

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