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Hi Brian,

the hikashop-supportteam has asked me to contact you.

1) if my customer put items from the webshop into cart, then it is not shown like at the hikashop-demo-website: (steady at left modul)
Hikashop-demo_Your Cart.JPG

Together with the hikashop-supportteam I manged in the meantime to change following: if something is in the cart, then it shows the content with mouse-over. But I prefere that all choosen products are steady shown like at hikashop-demo-website.

This is the support-team-feedback:
It probably comes from the customization of the cart by your template. Check if your have the file templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/com_hikashop/product/cart.php
If you do, rename it and it should then display the cart module properly, according to the display settings in the module. And make sure you turn on the different display settings in the module, and that you clear your website cache if any to see the change.
I would also recommend you contact your template provider as it seems that the customization applied on the cart module doesn’t take into account the “mini cart” setting properly.

Please help me to correct this issue.

Thank you for your help. Have a nice weekend.

Kind regards from Austria, Gerold

By default, cart module using dropdown/hover effect, if you assigned the module to the left position, you can change the default Dropdown cart hover effect to YES/NO option. See https://imgur.com/js1NOld
NOTE: Are you using Ruby Helix3 framework ?

I added the major update for ruby template recently, ported to Helix ultimate and rebuild the extended style for hikashop. Did you receive my demo package few weeks ago about the new release ?
^ Joomla Quickstart and Components update
^ Ported to Helix Ultimate Framework 1.1.2 (Helix3 migration tutorial)
^ ACY 7 support
^ Extended style for Hikashop updated
+ 18 Header Layouts for Every Purpose
^ Template improvement and new features added

For the next questions, please submit via our ticket system https://warptheme.com/support/

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