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I really find the 404 pages in all templates super simplistic for 202.. 2019. Is there a way to have one with the main menu+header+footer intact , and how can I (we?) do that?
Thank you.

Thank you for the response. That’s a shame because the Joomla! extensions which you pointed only 2 actually do 404 pages and they are actually from the same company. All the sample pages do not have the menu neither 🙁
Well I guess we’ll have to wait for Helix to come up with this.

Thank you.
ps: I also emailed you about a specific request. Could you kindly reply?

Actually doing a bit of research on Helix forum I found a solution where one simply creates a 404 page with Quix rewrite the error.php page to redirect to 404 and a hidden menu to point to that 404 Quix page.
Ref: https://www.joomshaper.com/forums/custom-404-page

Worked for me. Only problem is that error.php will be overwritten at the next template update, but I can live with that (set a note though 😉 )

Hi Fred,
Glad your problem is resolved. I found your email about custom work via Spam folder, lol, I will response as soon as possible.
Thank you

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