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I have a Surface 3 Pro.

When I open the site I am building on it, the logo doesn’t show. I am assuming this is because some code someplace sees the Surface as a “mobile device” and is removing the logo image.

I would like for it not to do this.

In fact, I would like for it to show the logo on all devices, but perhaps a different size/color logo depending on the device/screen size.

Not looking for you to write the code for me unless you already happen to have snippets that do what I need. If you can tell me where the CSS is that defines this I can figure it out.

Did you add the logo for RETINA devices? Did you face the same issue with our live demo site?


About two seconds ago I added the Retina logo and it worked…

Didn’t know my Surface qualified as a “Retina” display but it’s all good.

I also figured out that there are different styles for the logo sizes for tablets and phones – working on those now.


You’re welcome

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