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present Google Maps view:
one can see my company street, but no marker pointing to my company!

Resume: after clicking twice on +button of google maps, one can see the “regular” google pointer of my company name VITA – Bio Lebensmittelhandel.e.U., but the “marker.png” is still not shown there.

Google Maps - problem with exact location

How to change this, that my Google Maps shows automaticily the correct possition of my company.

Thank you for your help, kind regards, Gerold

BT Google MAP module using old js api code and its no longer supported by Google map. The google map is not free anymore, I do recommend you use Map Iframe to present the MAP
We already removed the bt google map module and replaced with custom map iframe.

Hi Brian,

thank you for the hint of map iframe. I have embadded the map iframe from my address. And it works, juhee. But the frame is not centred. The left line should start at the same level as my company logo above. The old Google-frame was like that. With padding it didn´t worked. How can I fix the possition?

Thank you for your help. Kind regards from Austria, Gerold

Hi there,
Something went wrong with the layout, it seems you are using the layout with LEFT sidebar and the sidebar takes place on Main Body section. That’s why the content is aligned to the right.
Please submit a private ticket with your site info so I can check the back-end layout.
Thank you

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Fixed, the issue caused by module name “Off Canvas Menu”
If you want to use this module, it should assign to offcanvas position instead the LEFT position.

Hi Brian,

thank you for your feedback. Ok, this means, “Off Canvas Menu” musst be always disabled?

I wish you a very happy New Year. Good business and good health.

Kind regards from Vienna, Gerold

Offcanvas should be assigned to the offcanvas position only.

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