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I am using a Mambo-pro template. Lists in articles have the bullets outside the normal text (on the left side). I want a “normal” text indent with the bullets aligned with the text on the left side.
Where are these settings made (file) resp. what code do I have to enter in the custom css file?

Best regards,

Hi Brian,

yes, I meant the location of the discs is on the left side outside the text-align of the article.

The Website is not published yet – so I cannot send you a link. Is there a way to send you two Pictures (intended formatting, actual formatting)?

Kind regard, Dieter

Could you please upload the images to and send it here ? I need to know what’s wrong with your list

Open custom.css file then give a try with

ul {
    list-style: inside;

it works!
Thank you so much.

You’re welcome 🙂

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