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Hi Brian

After accepting the cookie popup, the message (obviously as expected) will not turn up anymore 😉 But when I want to change design and like to check it, I’ld need to show it again … I already removed all session, domain and path cookies of the website, switched of and on again the cookie consent feature but it simply doesnt want to show for me anymore … what do I miss?

Best regards

forgot to mention, maybe useful: I’m using e.g. inspire pro and food pro for Joomla

UPDATE: It was no issue about the deleted/undeleted cookies. I think I discovered a small bug here (shame on me I didnt see this earlier) 😉

I had a simple line break in the message parameter, that cause a “SyntaxError: unterminated string literal”

Changing from:


to something like:

line1<br />line2

… solved the issue for now. But imho I think a textarea field giving the possibility of line breaks should handle this for js 😉

Best regards

Hi Georg,
I will take a look this case and improve it in near future 🙂

Thanks for your report

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