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I’m want to change the color for the active link in the nav menu in the template wt_factory.
Where can I do this?

Hi there,
Hover and active color are assigned to main color, if you wish to change the color, simply add

.sp-megamenu-parent >li:hover>a {
  color: red !important;
.sp-megamenu-parent .sp-dropdown li.sp-menu-item >a:hover,
.sp-megamenu-parent .sp-dropdown>a,
.sp-megamenu-parent >>a {
  background: red !important;

into custom.css file (located at joomla/templates/template_name/css/custom.css)
replace red with your color style

This is for the main menu but I want to change de the color for the rigt menu.

I have changed it to

.sp-module-content >li:hover>a {
  color: red !important;
.sp-module-content .nav menu li >a:hover,
.sp-module-content .nav menu>a,
.sp-module-content >>a {
  background: red !important;

but it doesn’t work.

Could you please provide your page with Right menu so I can take a look on it?

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Here the code

#sp-right .sp-module-content li:hover a,
#sp-right .sp-module-content a,
#sp-right .sp-module-content {
  background: red !important;
  color: #fff;

If you want to remove the nav icon, simply add

#sp-right .sp-module ul >li >a:before {
  display: none;
#sp-right .sp-module ul >li >a {
  padding-left: 10px;

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