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How to change text and link for the person module in quix page builder for the beauty template ?

Thanks in advance

Dear Julien,
This issue is fixed recently, please go to template folder -> quix -> elements -> person -> view.php then replace whole code with

  $classes = classNames( "qx-element qx-element-{$type} {$field['class']}", $visibilityClasses, [
    'qx-text-left' => $field['alignment'] === 'left',
    'qx-text-center' => $field['alignment'] === 'center',
    'qx-text-right' => $field['alignment'] === 'right',
    "wow {$field['animation']}" => $field['animation'],
    "qx-hvr-{$field['hover_animation']}" => $field['hover_animation']
  // Animation delay
  $animation_delay = '';
  if( $field['animation'] AND array_key_exists('animation_delay', $field) ){
    $animation_delay = 'data-wow-delay="'. $field['animation_delay'] .'s"';

<div id="<?php echo $id;?>" class="experts_section <?php echo $classes?>" <?php echo $animation_delay; ?>>
<div class="single_carousel">
  <?php if($field['image']):?>
      <img class="qx-img-responsive <?php echo $field['image_style']?>" src="<?php echo $field['image']?>" alt="<?php echo $field['name']?>">
  <?php endif;?>
<div class="expert_hover text-center">
<h6 class="name fw_700 color_ff"><?php echo $field['name']?></h6>
<?php if($field['position']):?>
<span class="degignation"><?php echo $field['position']?></span>
<?php endif;?>
<?php if($field['description']):?>
<p class="color_ff ptb_20"><?php echo $field['description']?></p>
<?php endif;?>

<div class="social-links">
  <?php foreach($field['social'] as $link):?>
    <a class="qx-icon" href="<?php echo $link?>" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a>
  <?php endforeach;?>
<!-- qx-element-person -->

Now open person element, switch to code mode by clicking < > button

add the code like so
<a href="#" title="See Full Bio" class="bio color_ff text-capitalize">Full Bio <i class="fa fa-long-arrow-right"></i></a>

NOTE: Beauty updated recently with both quickstart and template, you can reinstall the template to solve the issue 🙂

I bought the theme yesterday.
Have you updated since?
I will try to reinstall the theme and if it does not work I will use your code.

Thank you for being quick.
I come back to you.

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By using your code everything is functional.
Thank you very much.
I wish you a good day.

We just updated today, simply redownload via customer area.

You’re welcome bro.

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