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I installed BerryKids template (Joomla 3.8.4) and I can access to admin interface but on frontend I have blank screen. I use PHP 5.6. When I switch to 5.4, I see some elements, but also message to upgrade PHP because of Quix.
Any idea what to do?


Hi Marko,

Quix requires php 5.6 (at least) and for future joomla update I recommend you use php version 7.0.x

About blank page: After installing the quickstart package, Did you clear quix caches ? We already mentioned this step via documentation 🙂

Well, thanks a lot for your help.
I did nothing special, delete all files from server and install from start. Everything works fine for now.

You’re welcome

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Hi Marko,

Please create new topic for the new issue (if any) and dont forget to provide us the screenshot about the issue.

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