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So I am nearly finished editing the main content on my site.

However, I have yet to find where to edit the header that’s on every page *except* the home page – I would like to change the image.

I’m posting this here because I’ve been searching for it for a while and I figure if I ask the question and make myself look dumb, the answer will reveal itself.

But please – feel free to reply just in case I haven’t found it…


Okay so I found the file is in “images/warptheme” and is called “header_bg.jpg” – I replaced that file and it’s loading the new one.

I found on the page code that this file is referenced in a DIV with the class “sp-page-title”. Found that class in many files but I assume the one I need to edit (if I want to edit it) is in “templates/wt_grandy_pro/css/template.css”

Is that correct? I just want to make it a tiny bit shorter.

Hi there,
Just go to Menus -> Main Menu -> Select the menu item you wish to change background then go to tab Helix Page Title -> Background Image

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