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Documentation on how to install Amely Pro is wrong. There is no “install sample data” in the Amely Quickstart Pro at all. “Install SAMPLE DATA is in regular Joomla Installation. Are you sure the Amely Demo can be replicated in the Amely Quickstart Pro?

Hi there,
There’re two packages for Amely, the template installation package (for existing joomla website) and the Quickstart package (The quickstart allows you to replicate WT Amely demo to your server. It means, after installing the quickstart, you will have a site exactly the same as the demo site.) for new website. Quickstart package included sample data, extensions, site configuration

So if you want the same result like our live demo, simply install the quickstart package. Did you try to install the quickstart before ??

I installed it 4 times and in the fourth times I got it right except the update on Quix latest version. It could not be updated. Can you show how that can be done?

I just replied your ticket, please check.

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