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So I searched first and found nothing. And it’s been a good long minute since I’ve done any sort of PHP/MySQL stuff so you will have to bear with me.

I just paid for the Grandy template and I wanted (of course) to base the whole thing off the Demo so I wanted to install the quickstart.

I uploaded the zip to the server with the 775 permissions, and unpacked it in “Public_HTML” – went to the site URL and I’m getting 400 error – bad request.

This is a demo server that I have for 90 days.

Any assistance appreciated.

Hi Timothy,

Are you able to install the Joomla quickstart package before? It seems an issue with hosting.

Please check and chmod all Folder => 755 and files => 644 then recheck.

Most hosting provider did it automatically, some require manually when unzip the package.

Let me know the result.

Okay so I checked all the permissions and there was no problem.

I backed up the entire “public_html” directory into a gzip and then unzipped a new Joomla install in there.

Unfortunately, I got the same “400 Bad Request” error

So I deleted everything the directory again and added 1 file – phpinfo.php with the appropriate code and permissions.

No dice – still getting the 400 error.

I will send a ticket to the provider and see what they say.

Okay, please let me know if you have any news about this case.

Thank you

It was the provider. Because it was not a “full” account they’d monkeyed with some of the permissions in other places. I guess to prevent someone from doing something untoward.

They fixed them and it worked, but I went ahead and upgraded to a full server.

Having a different issue now but will open a different thread about that.

Glad to hear that

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