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Just a little update: I have since updated Kunena from 5.0.7 to 5.0.11 & J!3.6.5 to J!3.75. I’m also running the latest version of the helix platform as well and the problem still persists.

Just out of curiousity:
I have multiple copies of the Factory template as I’m getting ready to run a multilingual site. When I was running J!3.6.5 each template’s menu was in a nice little box with a scroll bar. Now when I go to the menu screen for each template the entire menu for each template is shown in it’s entirety. Was this done on purpose? An incompatibility between J!3.7.5 & Helix? It needs to back to way it was. It was way more pleasant on the eyes, plus easier to get to the menu that you wanted to assign that template too. (Just my two cents)