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I am one person who HATES to give up on things even if it takes days to figure out. I’m also a programming idiot, I don’t know how to do css, javascript, php, etc… The last time I wrote anything was html4.x… Now I’ve got to relearn everything since html5 is no where near as feature rich as html4 since html5 relies so heavily on css now.

While I waited for someone to respond to this post I kept looking at various things and eventually I found this:

While the potential solution did not work for the original poster, I did go into my template’s advanced settings and turned off: Compress Javascripts.

Refreshed my site and the modals extension works!!! :cheer:

I do not want to leave the javascript compression feature turned off, but if I turn it back on then the modals extension will not work properly. Who do I need to get in touch with to get this corrected?

Thanks for your time,