UIkit 2.21.0 released

UIkit 2.21.0 released - Reworked nestable component and much more, here the changelog for this release.
  • IMPORTANT: Reworked nestable component
  • Added uk-active class to form-select component
  • Added uk-flex-nowrap class to flex component
  • Added uk-icon-justify class to icon component
  • Added kenburnsanimations option to slideshow component
  • Added media option to parallax component
  • Added connect multiple sortable lists
  • Added activeClass option to tooltip component
  • Added ignorestacked option to gridMatchHeight component
  • Added UIkit.responsiveElement component (e.g. for iframes)
  • Added UIkit.Utils.isFullscreen helper function
  • Updated UIkit.modal.alert, UIkit.modal.prompt, UIkit.modal.confirm don't close open modals
  • Updated tooltip component to look for an updated title attribute before show
  • Updated timepicker to be initialized on a parent element
  • Updated slideset filter activation
  • Updated changed event from focus.uk.slider to focusitem.uk.slider
  • Removed warp mode from sortable component
  • Fixed tab component having no items
  • Fixed slideset nav
  • Fixed nestable maxdepth check when moving items between lists
  • Fixed gulp css minifier

    Docs and Repo

  • Updated dynamic grid test and docs

  • Updated sortable test and docs
  • Updated nestable test and docs
  • Updated icon test and docs
For more detail you can take a look here https://github.com/uikit/uikit/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md
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