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NOTE: Minima 2.0.5 released, here the changelog

^ Latest Joomla 3.9.24
^ SP Page Builder 3.7.9 with performance improved
^ AcyMailing 7.x updated
^ Uikit library updated
^ Moved header Off-canvas to Header Group. Show/hide header Off-canvas options based on your header layout type.
^ Moved Search and Social Icons group to Header Group
^ Blog: Moved Title/Meta/Content/Button group to Layout Group
+ New Transparent Header Layout type
+ New Parallax effect for Boxed image background type
+ New Stacked Center C layout type
+ Blog: New Content Length option for blog settings.
+ Blog: New option to Center the title, meta text and button
+ Show/hide toolbar transparent option based on your BODY layout type
+ Add Flip mode options for header off canvas layout types
^ Improved modules spacing for modal Off-canvas mode.
+ Add Primary menu style option for header navbar (pro)
# Fix Blog Masonry and Parallax on scroll.
# Fix Center vertically mobile canvas not working
# Fix featured blog meta makeup
# Fix boxed layout background color not being applied
# Fix system message alert close button not working.
# Header layouts: Fix Off-canvas Top B/ Modal Top B navbar module positions rendering
...and much more