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“Sorry Brian I do NOT understand. If I must buy my own licenses for components why this is not clear before purchase?”

PRO components like Quix and Unite slider included in QUICKSTART PACKAGE only, due to license, we dont have permission to include the installation package and sell it to customer 🙂

Like I said before, you can update these components manually without any problem, you are using warptheme’s license for the template, update and support from US. So with new release for PRO extension, simply ask here or send email to, we will update the package or send you the latest component.

“The more I use your templates the more I will be risking my client’s security? And I have to watch your changelogs to look for updates? Not ok.
You feature Quix page builder as major selling point in your themes but it is not fully implemented and you do not disclose.

Now today I see updates available for Unite Slider and same errors. Is this the case for Unite too that can’t update automatically? All templates are useless to me as such.”

Unite itself does not support direct via Joomla back-end, only update manually available. Please check

Thanks for your time.

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