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“1. How can I change the header to appear solid instead of transparent at all times? (scrolled out or not). By default the header is transparent and turns visible only when scrolling down.”
Do you mean disable the transparent?

“2. How can I remove the transition animation of the header? I would like to remove the fade effect and make the header just be there static at all times, since the “flashing” doesn’t look good when I want to have a visible header at all times.”
Related to the first question, “smooth” when switching from transparent to color header. We can remove transparent and disable animation when scrolling. Is it okay?

“3. How can I make the Logo have the same size at all times? By default: When scrolling down the Logo changes it’s size, it becomes smaller.”
Sure, just let me know what you want for question 1+2, I will provide the file to suite your needs.