All Joomla Templates based on Helix3 framework updated

helix3-1-5 Our WarpTheme team is pleased to announce the release of new updates for popular Helix3 (version 1.5) templates. Both templates (free/pro) and Quickstart packages have got new version of Helix3 framework v1.5, some minor issue fixed, improvements and new features. All Joomla Templates updated to Helix3 v1.5 with a lot of features and improvements, now see what's new inside. Bootstrap and Bootstrap RTL updated b3 All template are using last stable version of Bootstrap v3.3.7 with over 220 commits and 80 closed issues. This version improved template accessibility, We updated Bootstrap RTL (Right To Left Of Twitter Bootstrap For Persian, Arabic, Urdu and etc.) as well, also to stable version. New Icons With new updated Font Awesome 4.6.3 library you got 30 shiny new icons and some were updated, which can be used inside template content for pure decoration or visual styling. As you may see, in collection appeared a instagram, snapchat, glide icons which you asked for. 30-shiny-new-icons Menu changes with new dropdown animations and offcanvas animations New animation types for Dropdown MegaMenu (Elastic, Drop In, Slide down and Twist) and Animation for Off Canvas Menu (Fullscreen, Fullscreen from top, Side right and Dark plus) menu Preloader Animations Now Helix3 offer 7 animation effects (Circle, Double Loop, Wave, Clock, Static logo) in preloader. Once the content of the page is loaded, the preloading screen will show small animation object. Compatible with all major browsers. You can also choose color of animated object and background color under animation. clock

Background and color changing option

preloader-colors Go to top arrow A new icon button (arrow) "Go to up". It that allows visitors to scroll smoothly to the top of the page go-to-top-arrow Auto update date in Copyright Notice auto-update-date-in-copyright-notice Custom Social icon Now you can add your custom social icons to suite your needs custom-social-icon-new New Mobile Phone and Open Hours fields for Contact information We added two new fields in Contact Section: Mobile Phone and Open Hours. mobile-phone-and-open-hours Customization of Error Page with custom background and logo option helix3-404 Customization of Coming Page with custom background and logo option helix-comming-soon New Dropdown Menu and Dropdown text option for Preset Styles Also Preset section got two new options: Dropdown background color and Dropdown Text Color - which should help you with template customization without using a custom CSS file. preset-styles Note! This update for our joomla templates based on Helix3 framework only (Latest version 6 October 2016 - GTM +7). Here the list joomla templates using Helix3 framework:

How to update from old version

Just download the newest version from your Customer Area then go to Extension Manager -> install, clear joomla/browser caches and enjoy. If you have any questions or need helps, please contact us via email or ticket system.
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