All joomla Templates and WordPress Themes updated

WarpTheme is pleased to announce the release of new update for all Joomla Templates and WordPress Themes. We have updated the Warp Framework to the newest version 7.3.13 and Uikit 2.23 for all Our Joomla Templates and WordPress Themes.

All Joomla Quickstart Packages updated to the newest Joomla 3.4.5 including the latest modules/component which included in our Quickstart Package like Unite Revolution Responsive Slider for Joomla, Slider Revolution for WordPress, J2store, WooCommerce, etc

Please note: You can see the template/theme changlelog by opening the the in template folder, for example with WT Amara you can see something like this
	^ Warp Framework 7.3.13
	^ Uikit 2.23
	+ New feature Text columns
	+ Added article meta information options (Joomla)
    ^ Updated language files
    # Fix bug sticky js
    ^ Using stickyjs by uikit
    # Less issues with pricing table

Warp 7 framework changelog for version 7.3.13

    ^ Updated UIkit to 2.23.0
    + Added article meta information options (J)
    ^ Updated language files

Uikit 2.23 Features

UIkit 2.23 released by Yoo Team with new features like Popovers, column component and inline SVG.
  • DEPRECATED: uk-dropdown-up, uk-dropdown-flip, uk-dropdown-center (Use pos property instead)
  • Reworked dropdown component to allow any kind of popovers
  • Added column component
  • Added data-uk-svg helper (UIkit.Utils.inlineSvg)
  • Added pos option to dropdown component
  • Added .npmignore
  • Updated image background-size calculation in parallax component
  • Updated using requestAnimationFrame for document.scrolling event
  • Updated default pagination component values
  • Fixed overlay transition-properties
  • Fixed scroll jumping for animated switchers on iOS
  • Fixed pass swiping option to switcher component
  • Fixed slider not showing the last element
  • Fixed ensure open transition has happened before listening to closing transition (modal component)
  • Fixed initdate when mindate integer (datepicker component)
  • Fixed error in sticky.js in combination with dynamic grid
  • Fixed touch.js error

For more detail please check the change log here

If you have any problem with template/theme updating, simply submit your ticket here and we will help you solve it ASAP.
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