22 Joomla Templates Updated and Free K2 Template

Hi Guys,

Today, WarpTheme team have just released new update for 22 Joomla Templates with new features and improvements. We added free K2 layout support for all templates, if you use K2, the layout will be added automatically.

List Joomla templates updated:


  • + New K2 layout design (Uikit template). If you use K2 extension, K2 content, k2 modules, the layout will be added automatically.
  • + Add Flip mode options for header offcanvas layout types.
  • + Primary menu style option for header navbar.
  • + Cookie bar type option for Cookie Banner setting. (Pro)
  • # Moved header offcanvas to layout builder settings. Show/Hide header offcanvas options based on your header layout type.
  • # Show/hide toolbar transparent option based on your BODY layout type.
  • # Fix featured blog meta makeup
  • # Fix system message alert close button not working.
  • # Header layouts: Fix Offcanvas Top B/ Modal Top B navbar module positions rendering.
  • # All header layouts: Fix Center vertically mobile canvas not working.

The all-new K2 ‚Äčtemplate layout

K2 Template

K2 Item detail

The K2 template is now available for both Free and Pro version. See Live Demo for K2 layout here.

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